Students Learning outcomes:

An STSC course is a science or engineering course without a lab that addresses a scientific or technologic issue of timely importance and addresses the following objectives:

  • STSC 1:     Demonstrate the ability to understand the fundamentals of the scientific method.
  • STC2 2:     Students will demonstrate the ability to create, interpret, and critically evaluate descriptions and representations of scientific data including graphs, tables, and/or models.
  • STSC 3:     Apply scientific knowledge to understand scientific issues underlying global, national, or local decisions, and evaluate a published work related to a physical or natural phenomena.

Direct Evidence:

Graded assignments, exams, projects, and other course work.

Collection points:

The instructor is the person who conducts assessment of sample group work according to a rubric that will be developed later. The results are submitted online to the STSC assessment coordinator.

Procedure for evaluating evidence:

STSC coordinator will compile results, examine trends, and submit findings to STSC faculty and to the Common Course of Study assessment coordinator.

Procedure for using this evaluation to improve student learning:

The STSC coordinator will convene STSC instructors annually or biannually to discuss assessment results and recommend changes.